Let’s Talk About Terra Nova

Two posts ago, I tried to behave. I turned my disappointment about Terra Nova into a praise of what I consider one of the best movie ever: Jurassic Park. Now, after 3 episodes, I think the time has come for some remarks. I actually hate to list all the flaws of a series, ’cause sometimes I feel like The Simpson‘s Comic Book Guy and I just want to say to myself: Jeez, get a life! Anyway, I just can’t refrain:

– Worst CGI ever. Seriously Fox? Ok, nevermind Fox. Seriously Mr. Spielberg?! Do you really want your name to be linked up to those “dinosaurs” and those faker than fake backgrounds?! I can’t believe it.
– Episode 1. how did the father went through the security checks when his family is going to Terra Nova? I mean, he joins them while they’re in line already, carrying a kid in his backpack. The security guards that checked everyone else’s super-reliable and super-cool digital ID must have been asleep when it came to him. Or on a coffee break. Or… Oh, right: The answer is sy-fy… :S
– Episode 2. I confess: I wanted the son dead (I don’t remember the names). C’mon you idiot, what did you expect? You go out in the jungle with a hip girl you just met… In Jurassic times… You deserve to be eaten by a dinosaur!
– The “Sixers”: dear Lost writers, please, report the Terra Nova guys. This is plagiarism! The Sixers are The Others!
– Episode 3. First of all: what’s with the X-Men Uniforms? Second: the tough guys find two dead bodies in the jungle. And obviously they ask themselves: “What the hell killed them?”. Uhm. That one is difficult… You’re in a jungle, in the middle of the Jurassic Era, so I’d go for… The Smoke Monster! No? Alright, then… Predator! Yeah, could be… Or perhaps… Wait, I got it: DINOSAURS!!! Yes, I’m a fucking genius.

The Comic Book Guy would say that this is the worst series ever. I won’t say it, just because “ever” is not over yet. And also because it could become one of those bad but laughable shows that allows you to write funny posts on your blog.


4 comments on “Let’s Talk About Terra Nova

  1. I already dropped it.

    What does that tell you?

  2. Jersey says:

    It tells me that you don’t want to write funny posts about it! 😉

  3. Jaina says:

    I’m thinking of giving it 1 more episode. Maybe. It’s just so bland. And dull. There’s no drama! ITV’s Primeval had better dinosaurs than Terra Nova, and that’s with a tiny UK TV channel budget!

    Had high hopes for this. But … it’s just eh.

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