How to Handle TV Series Addiction

Do you know how many tv series I’m following right now? Ninteen.  Actually Twenty-to-be, if we count AMC’s Hell on Wheels, which is opening next month. You know, there are some addictions that just overwhelm you, that completely turn your life upside down. But not this one, if you know how to handle it. And I think I finally got to master this art. Grown up the young Padawan is, and now she knows that not only it takes a lot of spare time, but also a great deal of constancy and organization.
The secret is all about making your own schedule. You think you’re lucky to have both Cable and Cable Premium? You’re not. Think about Sunday nights… You have Dexter+Homeland on Showtime, Desperate housewives + Pan Am on ABC, The Walking Dead on AMC, Boardwalk Empire on HBO and Family Guy + The Simpsons on FOX. Time Slots? Mostly all the same. So the only solution is to set your DVRs or to surf the web. Actually, if you live on the West Coast, you can even see the episode in advance: ET is 3 hours ahead PT. If you use those 3 hrs to look for your episodes on line, you could find some nice surprises. Trust me, I know.So, what I’d suggest is to write down all the series you’re watching, list them in a chart and then create your own weekly TV schedule according to your own needs.
Next step (If you’re using the Web solution): keeping track of the episodes. I use the post-it widget on my MacBook. But I guess you all have some kind of post-it app somewhere… Or even real Post-it. So, write down all the series you wants to watch, followed by season+episode#. You’ll have something like this: Modern Family 3×6. Now, once you find Modern Family 3×6, just erase/delete the 6 and type or write a 7. In this way, you’re all set already for the following week.
It takes some commitment at first, but once you really get into the system, it’ll work perfectly and come naturally. I promise. Just remember to eat and drink, work or study, and to keep you Friday and Saturday nights free in order to a have a social life.

Goodnight, and Good Luck.


12 comments on “How to Handle TV Series Addiction

  1. NineTEEN?

    Oh my Lord! That’s a heavy load!!

    I had to delay watching Dexter and BWE this season both, as Movie blogging demands have proved too much.

    I recommend “American Horror Story” if you can get hold of it. Its the one thing this year I dont even DVR. I tune in right when it airs. Its only two episodes in…

  2. Since the baby last year we had to buckle down on our shows. I think we’re following 5 together, and she’s got Grey’s Anatomy on top of that, and I have Castle again, now that we hate House again. I find myself more and more that I’d rather play video games than watch TV. I drop shows at the… well… drop of a hat now. Where as at one point we stuck through the entire shit run of Heroes post Writers-Strike. I wish I could have that time back to watch more episodes of Dexter.

    There are several that I just lost touch with that I want to reconnect with… like Dexter, Weeds, Justified and Burn Notice. So many are on Netflix now, though. Which is handy. And there’s always Torrents… but then finding the time is also hard.

    Great tip on listing what you have and what you need, etc. We often use our blackboard as a way to keep track of what stuff that isn’t on the DVR needs watching.

    • Jersey says:

      Gosh, that’s a hard life. Dexter is not as awesome as the first season anymore, but it’s still worth watching. There’s always some good writing and acting in it. As for Weeds, I feel like every season is worst than the one before, but I just can’t drop it… I guess you know how it is when you just fall in love with some characters. Except of Heroes… As you said, that became unbearable!

      Thanks for sharing for story 😉

  3. Jaina says:

    I’m currently failing with my TV load. My list of current TV watching is about 52 shows. At last count! But that includes things I’m playing catch-up on that I never saw first time around and a TV channel over here started airing – The Wire, The Sopranos, Carnivale. Also includes shows that are about to start like Alcatraz, Awake, Shameless (US), etc. It’s a nuts load, but I enjoy TV too much to not have it all!

    I’ve dropped a couple of the new season crop, Ringer and Secret Circle. I might be dropping more.. maybe. And I’m nearly done with Carnivale!

    Take a look at my list – – I use to keep track of everything. Archive stuff. It’s really useful!

  4. Jersey says:

    Wow, I feel for you! I don’t even dare counting ALL of the shows I’m really following (#19 only includes the fall season series). I really like Shameless US, I think it’s awesome. I haven’t seen the British one though. And I dropped The Secret Circle too, after the pilot.

    I had a look at your list and I must say… Great taste! And thanks for the tip, mytvshows seems really a good and useful idea. I use, but it’s not the same.

    • Jaina says:

      I used to use gomiso, tried using the Android app, but it just didn’t gel with me. I think I’d got comfortable with mytvshows by then!

      I never really “got” the Brit version of Shameless. Funny, I never “get” the Brit version of a lot of UK turned American shows, and yet I watch the American ones!

      I was surprised to hear Secret Circle getting a full season pick up! Did not think it’d manage that.

  5. seems a really useful site but no more new accounts are accepted! 😦
    I’m now in the waiting list! sigh

    • Jaina says:

      Really? 😦 That’s a shame! Though I know they have been struggling with their server loads and speeds, so maybe it’s a good thing. Give themselves some time to sort themselves out and then let more new accounts in and let them experience the site as it should run.

  6. 3guys1movie says:

    looks like your DVR is getting the same kind of workout on Sunday nights as mine. Enjoyed checking out your blog.

    • Jersey says:

      I feel like Sunday nights are both heaven and hell! Unfortunately I don’t have neither cable nor DVR. I actually live in Italy, so I handle all the series the day after original airing.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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