About Fall Season’s Finales

DEXTER – Season 6
Overall, the series wasn’t great. At all. Dexter spent all his time hunting down Gellar and Travis, forgetting about his killer instinct and the fact that we liked him better when all he cared about was stabbing bad guys. One bad guy each episode, not a couple of them in one entire season. That being said, the plot itself was good and gripping. As for the finale, well, I’m so glad it happened. In the literary series it happened on the first book and it made things much more interesting.
Oh, I forgot: that psychological problem with Deb… Well, that was awkward and totally inappropriate for the series. Shame on you, writers.

HOMELAND – Season 1
Confirmed: best new series. Throughout this 12 episodes, it had lots of ups and no downs. Carrie and Brody are two of the best characters who ever appeared on the small screen. The long finale was just breath-taking: the opening video gave me goose bumps and the closing sequence made me curse, so I guess every part of it did its job.

Saul for president.

MISFITS – Season 3
Honestly, I only appreciated the last two episodes, from zombies on. Yes, I do miss Nathan. But I also really like Rudy so far… So I guess that, given the ending, I could be happier from the fourth season on. Just a plead to the writers: give them all their original powers back, that was what made them themselves! But again, I think that this ending opened up for a “back to the roots” thing.


9 comments on “About Fall Season’s Finales

  1. Jaina says:

    Very quickly skipped over your thoughts on the Homeland finale as I haven’t seen it yet!

    I was half and half with Dexter, while I loved the final scene and some aspects of Gellar/Travis, I was a little disappointed. Travis was found and finished off sort of easily and predictably. However, I am excited about what’s potentially to come though. I hope there are some real consequences of what’s been unveiled and also that it cancels out all the Deb/Dex incest stuff! That was a plot development I didn’t enjoy at all. And really didn’t buy.

  2. Jersey says:

    I totally agree, that was so awkward! I forgot to write about it, I’m going to edit the post.
    Oh, by the way: how the hell did Dexter find Travis when he took Harrison?! How did he know which one was the right skyscraper?!

    • in this season Dexter has superpowers! haven’t you noticed? XD
      by the way ever a final was so open like this sixth season!

    • Jaina says:

      Remember – Dexter found the paper bag with Travis’ sketch of the “mountains” and he did his computer non-Googling research and found the right one!

      Having now seen the Homeland finale, it has floored me. Definitely best new series of the season. Though, with all the great that’s happened so far, I’m just hoping they can keep the momentum going.

  3. Jersey says:

    Season 4’s ending was quite open too!
    As for the superpowers… yeah, makes sense! 😛

  4. I’m avoiding Dexter spoilers in case I decide to go back and catch up before the series concludes…

    All I read was “The season wasn’t great” all I needed to hear 😀

    • Jersey says:

      I was so enthusiastic at the beginning, but then I ended up really disappointed. Too many things just don’t make sense. But the closing scene is quite epic, I must say!

      • Jaina says:

        The season was really up and down. I loved the stuff with Mos Def but the conclusion of it all was just a bit of a whimper. Definitely agree with Jersey on the closing scene though – something the series has been crying out for for a long time!

      • Not a big surprise. Thanks for the confirmation. I may still check in with it before it wraps up the series…

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