A Song of Ice and Fire


Last night I watched Disney’s The Sword in Stone. It’s a classic, so I’m taking for granted that all of you saw it too. Do you remember when Arthur takes out the sword from the stone, his master bows to him and then says to his son: “Bow to your king”? Well, what I thought in that moment was: if we were in Westeros, Arthut would be dead in 5 years. It just takes someone like a eunuch in silk slippers, a Lannister in golden gown or a turncloak ward. Here’s what George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire does to you. Then I also watched Camelot‘s pilot, but that’s another story.
As you could tell, I’ve just finished the last book available, A Dance With Dragons. Actually, I must say that I’m really disappointed. Not only because of the awful ending, but above all because after a sort of preparatory book like A Feast For Crows, where nothing really happens, you expect a huge blow on the following chapter. Nothing like this. Everything that really happens could have been told in 200 pages, instead of 800… Seriously Mr. Martin, do your editors pay you per page like in the 19th century? Do we really need to know the deatils of every meal? Do we really need to read every character’s thoughts, even if they’re just about taking a piss or not? I swore I wouldn’t spoil anything important, but let me also ask you this: why do you hate us, Mr. Martin?
That being said, aside from a huge amount of useless and totally uninteresting pages in the last two books, the saga is just awesome, as you may have noticed from HBO’s A Game of Thrones. The first three books (A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords) are mind-gripping, breath-taking and every other absolutely cool adjective you can add to the list. They just surprise you every time you turn the page. So I’m really hopeful and enthusiastic about HBO’s series: first season was just perfect. I think that second, third and fourth (the third book is going to be split up in two seasons) will be on the same page. As for the other books remaining… Mr. Martin, here’s your chance to make things right. I’m not suggesting to change the story. But I’m sure that nobody is going to let you write a one hour episode about Cersei’s breakfast. That’s why, Mr. Bienoff and Mr. Weiss, we also rely on you and your cinematic wisdom: Winter has come. Don’t let us freeze.


10 comments on “A Song of Ice and Fire

  1. Jaina says:

    Right, as soon as you said you finished A Dance with Dragons, I skipped over everything else! I’m just over halfway done with A Feast for Crows, but beginning to lose some love for the books. Every chapter just seems to consist of meeting upon meeting. Lots of talking and very little doing. It feels like there’s something building up… am I being impatient?

    Also your opening line about adding “a eunuch in silk slippers…” had me in giggles at my desk at work. Thanks! 😀

  2. Jersey says:

    Glad I made you laugh!
    Believe me, you’re not impatient: you’re a normal and healthy reader. Martin is not a normal and healthy writer. Which, from a certain point of view, could be a very good thing. But from some other pov… mmm (Marge Simpson’s style).

    You can also keep on reading, I didn’t reveal anything important. There are just some overall considerations and some hopes about the future (of the series, in particular).

    • Jaina says:

      Phew! Gone back and read. Yes, couldn’t agree more. Entire lengthy chapters are spent on food and pages upon pages about what someone’s wearing beneath their armour! I don’t bleeding care. I don’t know what a jerkin is, just let me get on with the story. It doesn’t help paint a picture in my eye and I’m sure there are some other readers with me.

      I’m finding the book a bit of a struggle now as well just down to how many characters there are now. I’m losing track of who’s who and who’s got what agenda. Though mostly, they just want to have a crown and be kings. Too much?

      Oh and randomly, while watching this week’s Once Upon a Time, one character mentioned “The Kings Road” and I just kept expecting someone from GoT to come wandering down it. It did not happen… 😦

  3. I read the first four, and I mostly look forward to reading the rest, because as you say, it’s a fantastic saga. But I only “mostly” look forward to them. I was glad to see A Dance With Dragons come out finally, but after he had started saying “It’ll be done when it’s done”, or something to that effect, I just put it in the same file as Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: I’m not going to read any more of them until the whole thing is finished (and if Martin up and dies before he gets done, he better have a detailed outline left for someone talented.)

    With each book weighing in at 800 pages and taking several years between books, it’s just unfeasible for me to read them as they come out. I just don’t have the time for a doorstopper series now that I’m not a kid. It’s too easy to forget important details when the books are five years apart, and I can’t go re-reading the whole series every time a new one is released. So I’m going to wait until it’s all done — if it ever gets to that point — and read it then. I respect what he’s done, he’s created a great saga and a detailed fantasy world… but I really wish more fantasy authors would realize that when they work on Tolkien-style world-building, they don’t need to copy Tolkien’s long-windedness at the same time.

    • Jersey says:

      I see you point, Morgan. I’m kind of concerned too about Martin’s health, actually 😛
      As for the Tolkien’s long-widedness, at least I’m glad I had chance to read his books long after they were all finished!

  4. Francy says:

    you already know what I think about the end of ADWD… and after Drogo’s death, I’m ready for everything… even you-know-who’s death…. And I really hate Mr. Martin.

  5. 3guys1movie says:

    Pumped up about the series starting up again. Winter is coming and my Tivo awaits thee.

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