Gone With The Wind (1939)

Straight to the point: this movie is almost 4 hours long, but I never get tired of it. Ok, I generally watch it once a year (maybe even less), but that doesn’t matter. Even Australia is that long, but I’ve only seen it once. Pearl Harbor as well, and the list could go on and on. The point is: I like to re-watch Gone With the Wind and every time I enjoy it like the first time. Yeah, it’s kind of racist. Yeah, Melanie is just unbearably corny. But it’s amazing how the movie makes you sit down and enjoy stereotypes. And just when you think you know it all, it surprises you thanks to Scarlett and Rhett. Well, mostly Scarlett, let’s be honest about that. It’s a 1939 film, so Vivien Leigh’s character is definitely unconventional, just like the relationship with Rhett, which does not include the canonical happy ending. You know they’re meant to be together, but they just can’t. Which, to be honest, it’s even worst than any stereotype the film makes us (when I say “us”, I mean “everyone”) enjoy: Scarlett and Rhett relationship make us (when I say “us”, I mean “women”) love bad guys even more. Make us enjoy complicated relationships. In other words, this definitely doesn’t improve an already messed up love life. Anyway, Gone With the Wind: old, yes. But it still kicks ass.


9 comments on “Gone With The Wind (1939)

  1. 3guys1movie says:

    I know its probably blasphemy but much like Lawrence of Arabia I have never seen this film. I am going to have to make some time, alot of it as they are both over 3hrs to check them both out to rectify the situation. Thanks for reminding me of my viewing short comings.


    • Jersey says:

      I wouldn’t say “blasphemy”, I’d go for “shame” instead!
      Jokes aside, this is a must-see that won’t disappoint you. BTW, I haven’t seen Lawrence of Arabia either 😛

  2. Like 3guys1movie, I have yet to see this one… but it’s got to be doing something right if it’s still on permanent rotation in a few movie theatres around the U.S.

    • Jersey says:

      That’s what I like about American movie theaters: they still show old movies. That doesn’t happen over here!

      • Well, it doesn’t happen often over here. GWTW’s “permanent” status is in only a very few theatres around the whole country, and it’s definitely because of just how highly esteemed it is. My local second-run theatre used to have “midnight matinees” every weekend of older movies, but sadly they stopped doing that.

        Fathom Events is having a one-night screening of Casablanca in a couple weeks, but since they want $12 for it — about twice what I would normally pay for an evening ticket — I think I’ll be reluctantly passing.

      • Jersey says:

        Yeah, 12$ is definitely too much.
        Last year, a theater in Berkeley (CA) had “Old Movies Thursday” for just 5$. Trivia and free candies included… That felt like heaven for me!

      • Now that sounds great… the “Midnight Matinees”, when they had them, were $1.50, but since candy would have been another $3, I think that balances out. 😀

  3. every post of this blog reminds me why we are friends! oh can’t say how much I love this movie! 😀

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