About This Blog

So, this blog is neither something special or unique. It’s just another blog about Movies and Co. Because, let’s face it: if Robb Stark (and if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, please leave now, this is no place for you) can claim himself King of the North, I can claim myself film critic. Like him, I believe in it, I have some followers already and I also happen to enjoy it… Though nobody wants to pay me to do it -_-‘

Anyway, there are a few rules in here:

1. Do not talk about the Fight Club… Just kidding, you can talk about the Fight Club. But again, if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, please leave.

2. No distinction between cinema and television. Here we talk about movies and series… which we actually watch on the Internet, let’s be honest about that. So, no media distinctions. Just stories and the way they’re told. Shit happens in theaters too, so TV does not necessarily mean “crappy”.

3. No taboos. I don’t want to hear anything about serious film theory, I already do at college. So, since nobody is grading me here, no one is untouchable: if you want to say that you’d rather watch all the 3 Transformers films in a row than even just 30 minutes of Fellini or Truffaut, please do it. ‘Cause I will.

4. Do not always expect reviews about the latest or upcoming films, I’ll review whatever comes to my mind first. And I’ll be brief and funny, I promise. The thing is: I live in Italy, where foreign films (well, most of all American films) are usually released a few month later than the official American (and world) release. Sometimes surfin’ makes me lucky (if you know what I mean), but not everytime. No problem with the series, though.

5. Grammatical error are more than welcome, English is not my first language so I’d really appreciate you all being sympathetic by, for instance, misspelling some words every once in a while. Italian is more than welcome too, in which case grammatical errors will not be tolerated –> Siete anche invitati a commentare in italiano, ma non vi saranno concessi errori grammaticali o inutili abbreviazione con la K!

That being said, enjoy!


2 comments on “About This Blog

  1. Francy says:

    I’m the first one! yeeep! I know everything about Robb Stark and much more about Jon Snow… I’ll talk about the Fight Club and to quote you “Nothing is too commercial for me”, so… Welcome back, sista! 😉

  2. Jersey says:

    Thanks Socia! I knew you wouldn’t have let me down 😉

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