About Fall Season’s Finales

DEXTER – Season 6
Overall, the series wasn’t great. At all. Dexter spent all his time hunting down Gellar and Travis, forgetting about his killer instinct and the fact that we liked him better when all he cared about was stabbing bad guys. One bad guy each episode, not a couple of them in one entire season. That being said, the plot itself was good and gripping. As for the finale, well, I’m so glad it happened. In the literary series it happened on the first book and it made things much more interesting.
Oh, I forgot: that psychological problem with Deb… Well, that was awkward and totally inappropriate for the series. Shame on you, writers.

HOMELAND – Season 1
Confirmed: best new series. Throughout this 12 episodes, it had lots of ups and no downs. Carrie and Brody are two of the best characters who ever appeared on the small screen. The long finale was just breath-taking: the opening video gave me goose bumps and the closing sequence made me curse, so I guess every part of it did its job.

Saul for president.

MISFITS – Season 3
Honestly, I only appreciated the last two episodes, from zombies on. Yes, I do miss Nathan. But I also really like Rudy so far… So I guess that, given the ending, I could be happier from the fourth season on. Just a plead to the writers: give them all their original powers back, that was what made them themselves! But again, I think that this ending opened up for a “back to the roots” thing.


TV Newbies 2011/2012 – Four Suggestions

This one is based on an israeli series called Hatufim (Prisoner of War) and it’s about the CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) who – long story short – believes that an American marine, who has been held captive by Al-Quaeda for 8 years, was turned by the enemy and is now a national threat. It is both a spy movie and a psychological thriller. Not only we are taken into the CIA investigation, we also see how the marine and his family deal with the sudden comeback. Also, we get to know Mathison and her weaknesses. So yes, it’s about terrorism and politics. But it is also about double face and human frailty. Overall, I think it is really well written and never banal. Suprising turning points end each episode, so you (or at least, I), cannot help but getting hooked. On Sundays on Showtime, right after our old friend Dexter.

Pan Am
Multi-strand narration about pilots and stewardesses working for the iconic airline Pan Am during the 60s. Lots of romance and drama… exactly what you expect on ABC right before Desperate Housewives. Is there anything better to watch on Sunday nights? Of course there is, on Showtime, on HBO and on AMC. Do I care about that? Nope, because I’m organized. So I can afford to be a silly romantic girl who watches soap-oper-ish series. Aside from sappy romance, anyway, what I love about this show is the historic background. 60s are so fascinating, so iconic. And sometimes, the stewardesses’ stories mingle with true events, like Kennedy’s visit in Berlin on 1963, or France occupation by the Nazis. Funny, light and easy. But worth watching. BTW, I really hope that it’s going to be renewed. Ratings were not that great, but I heard that DVRs are saving the day… Fingers crossed! PS: girlish moment: who is your favorite character? I LOVE Colette!

American Horror Story

I have to thank Fogs for this one. The story is about a haunted house. Do I need to say more? From here, you can picture all the creepy, scary, gory, even kinky stuff that comes to your mind. Sheer horror… Love it. I mean, the show has its flaws and it is definitely not the best horror thing ever. But until now is not boring and there’s lot of blood. The cast is first class: Dylan McDermott (and his perfectly shaped ass, on the pilot), Connie Britton (from Friday Night Lights), Dennis O’Hare (True Blood‘s beloved Russel Edgington) and oh-so-creepy Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy.  The direction is very disturbing. BTW, one of the creators is Brad Falchuck, from Nip/Tuck and Glee. Wednesdays on FX.

Once Upon a Time

What happens after Snow White and her prince get married? The Evil Queen/Wi

tch takes the fairy-tale world and all its inhabitants to… the real world. Right outside Boston, to be precise. And the baby Snow White and her prince had is Jennifer Morrison, House‘s Cameron. As usual, there’s a lot more going on in the series than in the plot I tried to summarize, but this should be enough to give you an idea. The pilot was aired last Sunday and, as it appears, it was a ratings success. I really enjoyed it… It’s kind of Enchanted-like, but darker. It’s actually early to say anything serious (I haven’t “liked” it on facebook yet!), but I hope that the producers are going to keep up the good work.