When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

Last night, Jurassic Park was confirmed Best Movie Ever. By me, at least. I saw Terra Nova‘s pilot (Fox’s new series) and it just came to me as a confirmation, more than a realization: 18 years later, Jurassic Park still rules the earth film industry. And I’m saying this, not only because it is the movie that made fall in love with movies. Its 18-years old animatronics definitely defeat contemporary CGI dinosaurs, no doubt about it. Little Zoe (Terra Nova) feeding a brachiosaurus is nothing compared to the wonder we feel when Professor Grant and Doctor Sattler first see the herd of dinos at the entrance of the JP. They are scientists but still they fall on their knees in front of a dream that came true. A dream, not a study subject. The T-Rex chasing Muldon’s jeep  just kicks that CGI unknown dinosaur’s ass chasing tanks in Terra Nova. Jurassic Park‘s animatronics are evil, but smart and just. Because they are pure nature, sheer instinct. Pure Cinema. Yes, it is still early to talk about Terra Nova. But it’s never too late to talk about Jurassic Park.

“Life Finds a Way”