50/50 (2011)

Director: Jonathan Levine
Starring:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard, Angelica Huston

Here we are. After spending weeks reading enthusiastic reviews about this movies, I finally saw it too. Not thanks to a miraculous italian release, if you know what I mean. Anyway, yes, I do agree with all of you – at least all of you who have praised it.
The story is pretty straightforward: a 27-years-old guy suddenly learns to have cancer and starts to struggle against the disease. On the forefront, social relationships: his parents, his girlfriend, his best friend, his therapist. True story.
Overall, the movie is what you expect from a contemporary indie flick. It’s extremely bittersweet and tragicomic. Whether it wants to make you laugh or cry, it does its job perfectly. Personally, what I liked the most is the interaction between Gordon-Levitt and Rogen. No surprises from their characters, they both play what you’d expect them to play: the former is a sort of hip/average guy (500 Days of Summer style), the latter is just his sex-obsessed buddy. Do you remember when i talked about Billy Wilder and the harmony he manages to create among all of his characters? If you don’t recall the post, here’s a couple of hints: click here and here. Well, I was saying that those characters are complementary. And that’s what happens between Levitt and Rogen. They’re so different, yet they complete each other. The dialogues between them are brilliant and rhythmic duets. Though they pretty much stay themselves, they stay as separate worlds, they do not collide. Ever. They just spin around each other and “dance”. Which can only be achieved through a very well written story.

“She doesn’t want to fuck me. I look like Lord Voldemort!”