The Lion King 3D

As you all know by now, film releases in Italy make me want to cry like a little girl are slightly  delayed compared to the rest of the world. So we’ve just gotten The Lion King 3D. And yesterday was the day.

Let’s make things clear right from the start: I don’t like 3D. It gives me headache and I always have to wear lens, which I despise. Plus it’s expensive. Why should I pay more for something that literally hurts me? Well, because I’m a film fanatic and what we have here is an event. That’s to say: because it’s Avatar and it is totally pointless in 2D. Because it’s A Christmas Carol and it’s Christmas and you want to spend the sleepy, post-lunch afternoon at the movies with your family. Or because it’s the fucking Lion King.
It’s Rafiki holding up future-king-lion-cubs and kung-fu fighting against hyenas. It’s Timon dancing the hula and Pumbaa cheerfully farting. It’s Mufasa talking about old kings and the circle of life. It’s Scar looking his brother in the eyes before killing him. It’s Simba’s final roar. It’s the movie you’ve seen and loved 17 years ago, back in the theater. The movie that has the power to take you back to the time when films were pure magic, nothing more and nothing less.
Needless to say the audiovisual quality is flawless, but that’s pretty much all that 3D adds to an already perfect movie. There were little kids watching it for the first time, and they were ecstatics: not because of the third dimension, but because of the story. They were worried about Simba when Scar told him to wait alone in the canyon. They were angry and sad when Scar said “Long live the king”. They were clapping and exulting when Simba took back his kingdom. And that’s the power of great and timeless stories, not of perfect audiovisual techniques.

PS: thanks to my almost-nerdy friend Nicky, who played the perfect film mate.
PS2: is it just me, or now Mufasa reminds of Eddard Stark?
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